The Real Wowee Wear Story

Wowee Wear was hatched out of an idea I couldn’t shake after suffering a noticeable void in my closet.

I guess you could say that I’ve always had an unusual relationship with the color spectrum. Working in the medical device industry for over 25 years, it was never hard to pick me out in a large, crowded exhibition hall with my atypically bright shirts and multi-hued ties. And on the golf course? Twenty years ago I was sporting yellow and orange while others were mired in khaki, black, white and the occasional navy.

Enjoying a good chunk of my discretionary time on a bicycle, I’ve amassed a decent assortment of cycling wear that I thought was a few standard deviations from the current norm. But discoveries from the world of golf -- a company called Loudmouth and its founder and graphic designer, Woody -- led to the realization that my cycling wardrobe had a long way to go to be brighter, wilder and LOUDER. Rather than reinventing the wheel to bring you the most fun cycling apparel EVER, I knew that introducing you to Loudmouth was the greatest favor I could do for my cycling brethren.

While Wowee Wear will be creating some designs of our own, such as Camo Fail and the soon-to-be-released Apeshirt, we are thrilled to introduce Loudmouth’s Drop Cloth, Magic Bus, Jolly Roger and Shagadelic Black– and this is just the start. With these jerseys finally on the shelves, my closet now jolts my senses and obviates my need for caffeine.

Wowee Wear is for people who are done taking themselves so seriously, and for whom the coffee and cinnamon roll mid-ride are just as important (maybe more important) than the ride itself. However, this stuff is technically high-performance, so wear it at your next club ride or century if you want.

Howie Milstein

Inducing smiles is our goal, but if our creations happen to give you a boost of energy on the climbs, so be it! All endogenous, life-enhancing chemicals released as a result of wearing our clothing are legal.

We can’t wait to SEE you out there!

The Cheese at Wowee Wear