We love to say that Wowee Wear apparel, including Loudmouth and Wowee Wear designs, are made in America. It doesn't take a leap of compassion to say that the U.S. is a community of workers that includes friends, families, neighbors and people we don't necessarily know, but nonetheless care about. Supporting our businesses at home is good for our futures.

Currently, all apparel Wowee Wear offers are made in America. However, in all honesty, you're probably paying an extra $10 to $15 per jersey to have it locally sourced. While these higher prices seem justifiable to us, we will listen to our customers to see if locally sourcing is meaningful to you, as well. If going outside the U.S. makes the difference between a viable business and a non-profitable one, then we'll be compelled to do it.


If I can afford to keep manufacturing in America we will accept lower net earnings, as long as our employees can be supported. Personally, I cannot stomach the profits-at-all-costs behavior that we observe, and we don't want Wowee Wear to be that company that justifies greed over empathy.

Here's to providing you the utmost in value, including designs that speak to your playful nature delivered by a company that is congruent with your social conscience.

Stop taking yourself so seriously!

The Cheese at Wowee Wear